Size Guide:

Vegetable Tanned (stiff):

The look and feel of the leather is incredible. Specifically milled for Kørt at half the time to be stiffer than normal to give your bag that extra shape holding power, while also feeling incredibly smooth and soft.

Our vegetable tanned leather is the most traditional and environmentally friendly real leather on the market. Tanned next door in Sweden and sourcing only from organic, free range farms. You can be rest assured that these are the happiest cows you will ever come across! 100% by-product of the food industry and EU organic certified farms to ensure the safe and environmentally positive impact of the farming practice.

Our vegetable tanned leather is 3 times more expensive to purchase as a material, which is why you see the price difference.


Chrome Tanned (soft):

Our chrome tanned range has a soft buttery feel, with a textured look and feel, while keeping that delicious leather scent.

This top grade, Italian leather has been tanned on both sides to give it the same look and feel inside and out. This also gives a water proofing property to the leather and an amount of scratch resistance.

This leather is unlike anything you have seen before, utilizing new patented technology to provide you with the highest quality product imaginable!

100% by-product of the food industry, and our supplier is certified rainforest deforestation free, while also ensuring the cows are treated in a humane manner, giving you peace of mind when purchasing an animal product.

Leather type

Stiff Vegetable Tanned Leather, Soft Chrome Tanned Leather


Black – stiff, Burgundy – soft, Black – soft, Cerulean Blue – soft, Dusty Rose – soft, Forrest Green – soft, Sunflower Yellow – soft, Navy – soft, Olive – soft, Chocolate Brown – stiff, Natural – stiff, Navy – stiff, Tan – stiff, Olive – stiff


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